100 wc She was shocked to see…

Posted by willt2016 on Monday Feb 22, 2016 Under 100 word challenge, 100wc, Wootton

She was shocked to see a looming black figure striding down the misty alleyway! Closer…closer…Panting,she ran down another misty alleyway into the bustling street. Using her rock climbing skills she climbed up an apartment,using window ledges as footholds. As she got to the top,the black figure looked down staring! The shock made her let go!.. Down she went like a flightless bird… Exhausted,terrified and shocked she fell down and down…

Before she knew what was happening,a man in a brown robe jumped saving her skin! Suddenly the unknown,mysterious figures clashed!.. Slash after slash,cut after cut,down they one went!..

The end

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  1. jessicak2016 Says:

    Wow amazing work you could of made it a little bit better because you could of made it more suspenseful other from that it was amazing


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