Candy Land

Posted by zachs2016 on Friday Jan 8, 2016 Under 100 word challenge, 100wc, Wootton

As the men work there socks off carving the piece of scrumptious chocolate .Night fell and it was time to go to sleep .The house was made of marshmallow and chocolate sprinkles it was luxurious.The sweet smell of the soft sprinkles was like Heavan.But someone or something was there.Not long after it was morning and something had been on there land.Footsteps had been left and they lead to a cave a very scary cave.The two men took one look at the cave and ran of screaming.From that day on they never went back to that cave. But they did finish caving there chocolate .

To be continued…

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  1. rebeccam2016 Says:

    I like the use of the word scrumptious. Check ‘lead’ I think it should be ‘led’.


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