Cupcake problem

Posted by daniellec2016 on Friday Jan 8, 2016 Under 100 word challenge, 100wc, Wootton

Harry and his younger brother Daniel were making chocolate  cupcakes in there shop called cool cupcakes. while there mum and dad were having a day of in Italy. But suddenly, a huge tsunami of cake batter flew over the village like a giant fish leaping out of the water… will they survive? Everyone ran for there lives and protected there children from harm. But the children wanted to eat the cake mix! As soon as possible, the villagers went to fix or re build there homes. Harry, Daniel are so sad that there home is destroyed , But luckily the villagers are happy to re build there house.


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  1. minl2016 Says:

    I like the rhetorical question ‘will they survive?’ And I like the plot. The only thing I think that needs improving is to add more vocabulary.


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