Going to the shop 100 word story

Posted by willt2016 on Thursday Jan 14, 2016 Under 100 word challenge, 100wc, Wootton

I walked into the village shop, I saw so many things I wanted to get but I couldn’t get them all (mainly because they were all a fortune.) It was amazing chocolate, sweets, toys they were everywhere! Covering walls, cabinets, even the ceiling. As I joined the queue, with my two chocolate bars, one bag of sweets and four boxes of LEGO, I saw something, it shined like a summer sun, glaring out from the rest of the dim shop. I payed, put the stuff in my bag and went to investigate the area I peeled back the wallpaper! Slowly…

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  1. isabelr2016 Says:

    We’ll done you have added a range variety of punctuation and description it is a very interesting story.

    EBI: You replaced some of your commas to full stops to create even more tension


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