Green gas

Posted by ciarah2016 on Monday Feb 22, 2016 Under 100 word challenge, 100wc, Wootton

It was gross, smelly and most of all it came from a girl. It was most likely to be green gas coming from a gruesome dancer! It was Absolutely defiantly not me! If only I had not had dance lessons, if only I was not next to Gruesome  Gloria, if only she had not eaten that day then I would not be in this horrible mess.

Gloria, who was small and hated swimming, could stink out the hole room in one mighty  blast.I. HATED. DANCE! 

What was I going to do now?  We were trapped…


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  1. niamhm2016 Says:

    Your blog is amazing I love how you have got alliteration and lots of different sentence types.

    Well done!


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