Marshmallow land !

Posted by larat2016 on Thursday Jan 14, 2016 Under 100 word challenge, 100wc, Wootton

As I joined the queue , my friend Ciara was stood next to me . We were waiting in line for the marshmallow land grand opening ! Finally we were at the front of the queue the man explained to us that you can not eat the marshmallows considering they were just fluffy balls . We entered it was nerve racking . Suddenly the marshmallows started flying everywhere it was incredible ! We were having the time of our life . Until all of the doors slammed shut . In the distance we could see a window . We ran to the window in relief !

2 Responses to “Marshmallow land !”

  1. isabelr2016 Says:

    Well done this is a great story with a great use of As I joined the queue…

    EBI:you could add some more adjectives and adverbs


  2. rhiannar2016 Says:

    You could use more show not tell but this is a great story which is a amazing story.


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