My luck!

Posted by benm2016 on Monday Feb 22, 2016 Under 100 word challenge, 100wc, Wootton

If I hadn’t gone to the corner shop,if I hadn’t hadn’t handed over the money,if I hadn’t touched the ticket, then I wouldn’t be a multi billion air. I was swimming inside my diamond encrusted pool. I had a million air yacht but inside it was green. I had a professional dancer to entertain me. I was likely that I was going to become the richest man on earth. I had a gas burning fire with a fluffy rug in front of it. My house was planted on a 100 acre plot of land.But this was going to change soon…


2 Responses to “My luck!”

  1. harveyw12016 Says:

    I liked the if if if sentence and the way it is at the front . Overall I really really like it


  2. willt2016 Says:

    I like the story I hope there’s a sequel(Second story) telling us what goes wrong. Even better if there weren’t so many I’s… I like the if if if then sentence but its a space after a comma.


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