mystery story dun dun dunnnnnnnn !!!!

Posted by jessicak2016 on Tuesday Jan 12, 2016 Under 100 word challenge, 100wc, Wootton

 As I joined the queue, I looked up and standing there was my horrid maths teacher how did I know? I know that  because my maths teacher has only SIX TEETH! I went to look at her again but she was gone…Where’s she gone? she tried to back away but behind her there was her DISPICABLE maths teacher oh year her name was Mrs Apple Bloss  I know not like an apple blossom hears what she does double detention and extra homework… Mrs apple bloss said Amy how nice to see you with her corky voice nerves shivered down my spine…

3 Responses to “mystery story dun dun dunnnnnnnn !!!!”

  1. charlottel2016 Says:

    Great second story you just need it to make a little more sense

    But other than that it was a really good story!!


  2. niamhm2016 Says:

    Brilliant story for your second blog
    Make sure that you spell things right and it make sense.


  3. isabelr2016 Says:

    Well done your story is funny and you have used some lovely adjectives.

    EBI:The tense isn’t all the same,alter that so it does.


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