Once and a life time experience!

Posted by larat2016 on Friday Jan 8, 2016 Under 100 word challenge, 100wc, Wootton

Lara had a mum and dad that didn’t live together.Every day her dad used to take the little girl to a secret place , where he worked decorating the vastest cup cake in the world.She was extremely amused at  how they decorated it bit by bit , after it had been 4 years and they had just finished it. It blew her  away with how incredible it looked. She thought that all of the miniature drops of icing were completely worth it. Finally , the time we had all been waiting for , the vast flake was placed on top of the colossal cup cake !


3 Responses to “Once and a life time experience!”

  1. maahadm2016 Says:

    Great use of adjectives but read back and make sure your sentences make sense


  2. niamhm2016 Says:

    This is a great blog!

    Think about your vocabulary though


  3. jessicak2016 Says:

    I love it it is so descriptive


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