Peter going ballistic

Posted by minl2016 on Sunday Jan 10, 2016 Under 100 word challenge, 100wc, Wootton

As the two busy men, who are working very hard, was buzzing around decorating the mouth-watering cake. While they were happily working, one of the workers, called peter, was a perfectionist.The other worker, called Michi, is the whole opposite. Some time later,  Michi accidentally put a marshmallow in the wrong place! He didn’t notice of how much he didn’t really care but soon after, Peter saw! He went crazy like a monkey without a banana! Michi tried to calm him down but he couldn’t. While Peter was going ballistic, Michi sneaked out of the island like a mice. The End.

2 Responses to “Peter going ballistic”

  1. rebeccam2016 Says:

    I like the monkey simile in this story as monkeys LOVE bananas. In the first sentence, I think it should be ‘were’ and not ‘was’.


  2. jessicak2016 Says:

    I loved it it was funny, but you could of used were instead of was look As the two busy men, who are working very hard , was buzzing around were buzzing around,other than that it was very good.


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