The best day ever

Posted by gracel2016 on Friday Jan 8, 2016 Under 100 word challenge, 100wc, Wootton

As the construction went on Poppy’s mouth watered at the wonderful sight hoping that one day it would be her own candy land.She wondered if she would be lucky.She met at candy hall hoping that the stunning mouth watering candy land would be all hers.It was only 5 minutes before they announced who it was , Poppy hoped it was her.Minutes later the owner was announced.Poppy.Poppy was over the moon.She walked outside and ran like the wind to her candy land.Then she came to a horrible sight.Ruined all ruined.Who had done this.Whoever did this must of known she got the candy land.

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  1. niamhm2016 Says:

    This is a fantastic blog

    Think about the vocabulary but other than that.Wow.
    I really want to know if poppy was the owner!


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